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Welcome back existing clients! We appreciate your business! Use the button below to access the client portal to upload your files 24/7

Ready to file? Make sure that you have all of your forms...

Personal Information

  • Social Security number

  • Spouse's and/or dependents' Social Security numbers

  • Last year’s tax return


Financial Information

  • Employment W-2s

  • Income statements for self-employment or business, including MISC-1099s and Schedule K-1s

  • Information for any taxes you have paid during the tax year (estimated tax payments, property tax, sales tax)

  • Mortgage interest statement if you own a house

  • College tuition statements, student loan interest, education expenses (if you are a college student)

  • Retirement account contributions or distribution documents

  • Charitable donations made throughout the year

  • Medical expense statements and receipts, &  contributions

  • Job search expenses or moving related expenses

  • 1099-C forms, if you cancelled any debt during the year

  • Investment forms for dividends or interest income earned

  • Record of alimony received

  • Health insurance payments (if self-employed)

  • Energy efficient home improvement records and receipts

  • Child care records, if you have children and pay for daycare or babysitters so you can work


Home Business Information

  • Records for income

  • Office and supply expenses

  • Utility expenses

  • Total square footage of your home

  • Square footage of your office space or supply storage (so you can deduct a percentage of your utility bill, rent or mortgage, etc.)

  • Car mileage or expense records if you use your vehicle for business

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